Tea Review

Formosa Black Tea, Keemun

Upton TT51. 2.2 grams steeped for 5 minutes at 212℉. Impression: pieces in all sizes from near-whole leaf down to dust, see photo. This is known as ‘choppy’. Dry tea has typical black tea scent. Brewed tea scent has woody, briery scents. Taste: woody, earthy, with an occasional hint of ripe pu-erh funk. Little body, not sweet. Moderately astringent.

Rating: ★★

Keemun is a well-known variety of Chinese black tea. I’ve had a mainland version of Keemun once before, but this is the first Taiwan Keemun I’ve had. I didn’t much like the mainland version, don’t much like this one. Tastes are very different from black teas from South Asia, more like some Chinese green teas. I don’t seem to like Keemun as a type, and probably won’t try another.

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