Tea Review

Kandy District Ceylon OP

Upton product TC32. 2.2 grams steeped for 5 minutes at 212℉. Impression: orange pekoe size dark bits, see photo. Dry tea smells like typical black tea, slightly spicy. Brewed tea scent is woodsy. Taste: Sweet and brackish notes. Moderately astringent.

A disappointment. I’ve had one prior Kandy District tea, which I enjoyed, and had hopes for this one. I like a little natural sweetness in some green teas, but it seems out of place in a black tea and melds poorly with the normal brackish taste of black tea. My taste may not be typical; this tea gets good reviews on Upton’s site. It is not expensive, and if you like Ceylon teas, you might try a $1 sample packet.

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