Tea Review

Tea Bank Estate, Ceylon FBOPF EX SP

Upton product TC22. 2.2 grams steeped for 3 minutes at 212℉. Impression: broken orange pekoe-size dark bits with a few lighter ones. Dry tea smells has faint citrus scent. Brewed tea scent has scents of citrus, candy-like sweetness, woods and eu de wet dog. Taste: thin and harsh, with some brackishness. Faintly sweet, bitter and brackish finish. Moderately astringent.

Rating: ★★

Reminds me a good bit of Keemun, not a favorite of mine. Incidentally, Upton packets suggests brewing from 3-5 minutes, but when I brewed longer than 3 minutes, the result was unpleasantly bitter. I don’t see why a B.O.P. size tea would require longer than 3 minutes anyway.

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